• Thematic workshops

Thematic workshops

General workshops

Workshop “Whealthy Workplaces Kick-Off”

A crucial part of the programme, used to generate involvement and really motivate the employees to participate. This is the perfect opportunity for management to endorse the campaign and present it in the context of the broader company policy and vision. This is where you show people that you mean business! The participants get a good sense of the motivation behind the programme (WIN-WIN-WIN). Seeing that their needs are really being considered will spark their enthusiasm. This is the ideal time to give them a quick look at the main findings from the results of a HowFit analysis and/or Company Scan, clearly indicating your priorities. Then we present the corresponding programme, immediately encouraging everyone to sign up and actively participate. Expect fun energizers!

Workshop “MyVitacheck & Now”

After the Vitacheck, you’ll have plenty of energy – but probably quite a few questions too. You want to get started right away, but how do you go about it? What goal should you set? In this session, we guide you towards achieving results.

Workshop “The Importance of a Whealthy Lifestyle in the Workplace”

In this workshop, we make employees aware of the importance of a healthy lifestyle at work. We discuss the basic principles of nutrition, sleep, exercise, focus and mental relaxation, in an interactive way.

Workshop “Boost Your Immunity”

In this workshop, we take a closer look at immunity. What exactly is immunity, and what are the seven pillars of optimal immunity? Employees get feasible, instant tips and tricks to optimise their immunity.

Workshop “Resuscitation and Defibrillation”

During this hands-on workshop, you learn how to perform CPR and how to use an automatic external defibrillator (AED). You find out how to recognise a heart attack and what to do first. Learn how to use an AED and give chest compressions, using the latest resuscitation dolls with feedback technology. The workshop is fun and interactive. So your employees won’t be bored, and the results might save lives! This is also great for team building: it is potentially lifesaving and a lot of fun.

More exercise

Workshop “Exercise & Immunity”

In this workshop, you focus on the impact exercise has on your immunity. We consider the different types and intensities of exercise and pay sufficient attention to the importance of sitting breaks. In this interactive workshop, you get energy breaks to optimise your health and immunity.

Workshop “Exercise Works”

An accessible workshop for people who want to exercise more. What are the benefits? How do I get started? How do I add more exercise to my daily life and how do I keep it up?

Workshop “Healthy Back”

Your back is incredibly strong and can handle a lot. It is a wonderful machine, but like all machines, your back also needs maintenance. Maintenance for the back is called… exercise! Varied and frequent exercise is the best thing you can give your back. Back and neck problems are the main physical cause of absence from work. This session is for anyone who wants to reduce or prevent back and neck problems.

Workshop “Trigger Point Release”

Learn the technique to deal with knotted muscles yourself, so that you can really relax your muscles and calm your body. Sitting in the same position often, stress and/or frequently repeating the same movements puts extra strain on our muscles, which may lead to tension points, where different muscle tissues bunch together. They make your muscles stiff, and they feel painful and tense. In this workshop, you will learn what to do about them.

Workshop / Exercise session “Focus Walk/ Run”
In this workshop/exercise session, you learn to walk more efficiently through a combination of walking technique, breathing and mindfulness. Focused walking offers a deep and relaxing experience. Focus Run teaches you running techniques, breathing techniques and mindfulness, so your running experience becomes more fulfilling. You explore the mindful side of running. You can replicate this positive experience in your daily life, feeling stronger and more fulfilled whilst having more fun.
Workshop / Exercise session “Running Smarter”

This one’s for the runners! Learn the techniques to run faster without injuries, with lots of fun drills and exercises. Running is a greatly underestimated art. Pick up the techniques you need to know to run with greater suppleness and less risk of injuries. When you run using the proper technique, you can bet heads will turn!

Workshop / Exercise session “Bike Fitting”

Here’s one for the cyclists! Learn how to adapt your bike to suit your own body, so you can comfortably crunch those kilometres and put optimal power on the pedals.

Healthier eating

Workshop “ABC of Healthy Food”

During this workshop, you will be introduced to a system to help you make healthier choices for yourself. We teach you that nothing is forbidden, but you will learn how to opt for a more nutritious choice (at least most of the time). Diet is a major factor in your health, so it is important to be able to make the right choice. Six clear steps help you on your way towards a more balanced eating pattern.

Workshop “Nutrition & Weight Loss, More Than Counting Calories”

Many of us want to lose weight, but find it difficult. There are countless diets out there – which ones really work? During this workshop, we will introduce you to a system to evolve towards your “balanced weight” and stay there! You’ll also learn why crash diets don’t work and to take small steps towards healthier eating habits that really work in the long term.

Workshop “Nutrition & Immunity”

We are what we eat. The same applies to our immunity. 80% of our immunity is located in our intestines, which are fed directly by what we eat. During this workshop, you will learn more about the wonderful world of the microbiome and how you can feed it optimally.

Workshop “Nutrition & Shift Workers”

Our body is bound to a biorhythm, which is why eating in the evening (after 8 pm) is less beneficial and increases the risk of diseases of affluence. When you work in shifts, however, planning your meals according to your biorhythm becomes particularly difficult. During this session, we look at ways for you to eat as well as possible, taking your shifts into account. This will ensure you have enough energy at work, reduce your risk of diseases of affluence and help you fall asleep more easily.

Workshop “The Power of Nutrition & Long Life”

In this more academic workshop, we look at what healthy eating is. We consider it from the perspective of how to stay healthy and vital for as long as possible. What foods can help slow down the ageing process? You will learn the best proportions in which to consume energy suppliers (carbohydrate, protein & fat), what a healthy meal is and how often you should eat per day.

Workshop “The Science Behind the Timing of Meals”

Intermittent eating or fasting is getting a lot of attention right now. Is it just a passing trend? Or should we all be doing it? No, we shouldn’t. In this workshop, you learn about the relationship between timing and diet. Discover the influence of not eating, what it does and what you need to know if you would like to try periodic fasting.

Workshop “Food for Endurance Athletes/Sportspeople”

How do you ensure you continue to feel good when engaging in high-intensity sports (for longer periods of time)? In this workshop, we answer questions such as: “What and when should I eat?”

Workshop “What Does the Label Say?”

Marketing campaigns do their best: “high-fibre cookies”, “traditional lasagne”, “product with 0% fat”, etc. They’re all claims about foods, but does that mean these foods are healthy? During this workshop, you will gain insight into what is important when you want to choose healthy products from the supermarket. You will also learn what regulations govern nutritional claims. Not everything is what it seems! After this session, you will be able to make informed, healthier choices.

Workshop “No Alcohol Challenge”

In this workshop, we work as a group (max. 25 people) on the topic of reducing our consumption of alcohol. What does people’s relationship with alcohol look like today, and why? At the beginning of the session, we will do a group assessment to identify our individual relationships with alcohol. From there, we will consider the place of alcohol in our culture and its consequences. We will then coach small peer groups, to create action plans for how to drink less. Optionally (and for an extra fee), we can end the session by making a delicious mocktail and raising our glass together. Note: this workshop is aimed at awareness-raising and prevention. People with alcohol problems should discuss them with their doctor.

Stress management

Workshop “Resilience & Immunity”

In this workshop, we gain insight into our stress mechanisms and learn to recognise the symptoms of stress. When stress increases, we become more susceptible to infections due to exhaustion of the adrenal glands, resulting in a reduced immune function. In our rapidly changing world, there are quite a few challenges to face! The good news is that humans can handle them, we simply need time to recover. How can we learn to slow down when we need to? What gives us energy, what saps our energy? How do we balance our load and our carrying capacity? We take an interactive look at the different phases of stress and at our internal and external triggers. We try out experience-based techniques to cope with stress in a healthy way and increase our resilience!

Workshop “Stress Management”

In this workshop, we gain insight into our stress mechanisms as the body and brain’s response to challenges. In our rapidly changing world, there are quite a few challenges to face! The good news is that humans can handle them, we simply need time to recover. How can we learn to slow down when we need to? And to recognise symptoms of stress more quickly? What gives us energy, what saps our energy? How do we balance our load and our carrying capacity? We take an interactive look at the different phases of stress and at our internal and external triggers. We try out experience-based techniques to cope with stress in a healthy way and increase our resilience!

Workshop “Stress Management for Managers”

Burnout is often preceded by a period of stress signals. When these result in chronic stress, you enter the risk zone for burnout. What is burnout? What are the main causes and risk factors of stress and burnout? What are the symptoms? What are the different phases of stress before a burnout? How can you learn to recognise them better in your employees as a manager? The goal of this workshop is to prevent stress and burnout and, if necessary, address them! Another important element is how to coach your employees during reintegration. A fascinating workshop that offers several robust, practical tools you can get to work with right away!

Workshop “Breathing & Heart Coherence”

In this workshop, you will find out what heart coherence is, based on a demonstration involving yourself or one of your colleagues. Use your breathing to influence your heart and calm your mind. Biofeedback literally shows you the effect on your heart of managing your breathing! This tried-and-tested method is now increasingly being used to raise resilience and reduce stress.

Workshop “Increasing Resilience and Stability with Relaxation Techniques”

Never got to learn at school how to physically and mentally relax? Neither did we! In this workshop, we present the basic techniques that we have learned in our quest for greater calm. We use our body (since we always have it with us): the breath, senses and limbs help us learn to relax.

Workshop “Mindfulness”

This introductory mindfulness workshop guarantees mental fitness. It combines focus and insight, fun and science. Brain training that reduces stress! You will learn the basic techniques of mindfulness. You practice focusing on the breath and the body. The intention is to learn to stop running on autopilot and attain inner peace. You will also learn to be a neutral observer of your emotions. Using short and powerful tools, you will focus on healthy ways of coping with stress, protecting your boundaries and making choices. In short, this workshop helps you face life with more awareness, more focus and more energy!

Better quality sleep

Workshop “Sleep & Immunity”

Belgium is a leading consumer of sleep medication. Sleep is something we all dream of. In this workshop, we will take a closer look at what exactly constitutes a good night’s sleep. What are the consequences of sleep deprivation? What impact does it have on our immunity and endurance? What affects our sleep? How can I improve my sleep? What should I do if I lie awake at night, or can’t fall asleep? A fascinating workshop that won’t see you dozing off!

Workshop “Sleep for Shift Workers”

We will start with background information about the differemt factors that influence our rhythm of sleeping and waking. Then we will discuss shift changes and what you can do to help yourself get through these periods and transitions as energetically as possible. We look at your weekly schedule and give you our best tips for nutrition, exercise and rest.

(Working) environment

Workshop “Healthy Working Environment & Immunity”

In addition to our lifestyle, our environment is a second important factor in our health and well-being. Air pollution is becoming an increasingly important issue in our society. According to Reginald Deschepper (Lifestyle as Medicine), about one in five deaths in Europe can be attributed to environmental factors, which cost each of us an average of one year of our lives. In this workshop, we look at what exactly an optimal environment is to boost your health and endurance.

Workshop “Healthy Working Environment”

Your environment has a huge influence on your well-being. In this workshop, you will learn which environmental factors are most influential and how you can change them in your favour. There is a lot you can do to achieve positive change by making your own environment as conducive as possible to well-being.

Workshop “Ergodynamic Working - Fit @ Office”

Sitting is the new smoking. Sitting for a long time has a decidedly negative impact on longevity. Why is that? What happens to our body? People quit smoking for their health, but here we will consider what you can do to interrupt your sitting routine. Among other things, you will learn to take healthy exercise breaks that cancel out the effect of long periods of sitting.

Workshop “Ergodynamic Working - Fit @ Production”

Physical work is highly demanding on the body. That makes it vital to use the right techniques to give you the most strength while protecting yourself from injury. We will pay attention to your posture, standing still and moving around.

Workshop “Ergodynamic Working - Fit @ Road”

People who work out on the road, and professional drivers in particular, face additional health risks. What are these risks and how can you tackle them? Vibrations and sitting in the same position for a long time have a clear influence. You will also learn to pay attention to nutrition, how to manage stress and how to get a better night’s sleep.

Workshop “Ergodynamic Working - Fit for Remote Workers”

Working from home generates its own problems. Many people experience certain forms of increased stress. Do you exercise enough, do you eat healthily, are you able to clear your mind when working from home? In this workshop, you will learn how to build healthy habits to go through life with greater well-being.

The power of positive thinking

Workshop “Positivity & Immunity”

How can you calm your thoughts and steer them in the direction you really want them to take? How do you interrupt negative thoughts and keep your spirits up? We do practical exercises to help us become more mentally resilient. We do so by improving our awareness and consciously guiding our attention and mindset. We look at self-regulation and ways of applying it. Different exercises bring more balance into your life and help you develop a more positive attitude. Mental well-being has a major impact on your immune system: we will explore that relationship and ways of improving it.

Workshop “Positive Mindset”

This workshop teaches you the basics of how you can influence your own mindset in the long term. You learn to steer your mind towards less negativity and to focus on thoughts that are actually useful to you. Less worrying, more joy.

Workshop “Mental Well-Being”

In this workshop, we reflect on the basic principles of happiness or mental well-being, using the happiness triangle: 1. feeling free to be yourself 2. feeling good 3. support system. What can you do for yourself to cultivate happiness? We will use these ideas to interactively work with values, meaning and goals. Even the smallest steps matter! We reflect on getting and giving support and learning to be grateful for it. We practice short techniques to let go of thoughts and be kind to our mind. This basic workshop is a starting point to get closer to yourself.

Workshop “Healthy Coping with Thoughts / Psychological Well-Being”

In this experiential workshop, you will learn how to calm the whirlpool of your mind. We practice our growth mindset and learn to break through and let go of our fixed mindset. We work with affirmations for growth and helpful beliefs. This helps you control your thoughts and send them in the direction you want. You focus on seeing new possibilities. You learn to pay attention to the factors in a situation that you can influence. This strengthens your confidence and mental resilience.

Workshop “Healthy Ways of Dealing with Emotions / Emotional Well-Being”

Emotions can play tricks on us, and they often take over. There is nothing wrong with that in itself. After all, emotions are valuable messengers that help you grow as a person. This interactive workshop is aimed at fostering positive emotions. Exercises increase your awareness of these emotions and teach you to strengthen them. Broaden and build! But we will also consider difficult emotions together, such as fear, sadness and frustration. How do you make space for these feelings without blocking them? This will teach you to become more emotionally agile, which also increases your emotional well-being.

Workshop “Healthy and in Connection with Yourself”

In this experiential workshop, you will learn to set your inner caretaker against your inner guardian. The guardian encourages you to hunt or ward off danger. That kind of behaviour doesn’t really help you connect with others, and prevents self-care from blossoming. That is precisely why we practice self-compassion as a reinforcing element in self-care. By the way, did you know that practicing self-care is good for your body, mind and heart? So we will focus on these three facets, encouraging kindness to ourselves and others, and giving ourselves positive, nourishing care.

Connected working

Workshop “Social Connectedness & Immunity”

In this workshop on social connectedness, we look at the importance of real connection and social relationships. Social isolation turns out to be a serious health risk – at least as significant as smoking 15 cigarettes a day. That makes it an even bigger risk than obesity and too little exercise. Humans are herd animals, just like the springbok . Social pain hurts at least as much as physical pain.

Workshop “Connecting Communication”

Communication issues are the root of many problems. People fail to understand each other, misinterpret each other, do not listen carefully, jump to conclusions, get drawn into unproductive discussions, and so on. Here, you will learn the four steps of connecting communication in practice.

Workshop “Giving & Receiving Feedback”

Giving feedback is a crucial skill. Good feedback strengthens confidence and performance. It’s an art you can learn. It is very important for managers, and incredibly useful for anyone who works with others. In this workshop, you will learn to give feedback in a positive way. Our basis is the tried-and-tested 4G model. We will spend as much time as possible practicing, so you really come out of this workshop with improved skills.

Workshop “Attention in Communication”

This is all about learning how ATTENTION works in communication, how we quickly get caught up in the other person’s emotions, how we can create a ‘holding space’ between ourselves and the person we’re talking with, how attention contributes to the depth of the conversation, what it means to not have or receive any real attention and so on,… You will be exposed to a range of communication styles, so you can find out which styles lead to connection and which do not, and how we achieve that connection in a conversation!

Personal productivity

Workshop “Healthy Breaks”

In this workshop, we will discuss the importance of breaks during your working day. What is a real break? How do you make time for one? How do you make it a habit? Expect a combination of exercise, healthy food, connection and/or disconnection and time management.

Workshop “Healthy Working from Home”

Working from home has really taken off since the pandemic. Teleworking has suddenly become the norm. There are many advantages to working from home: you save a lot of time and always have your favourite coffee at hand. But there are pitfalls as well as benefits. The boundary between
work and private life blurs, routines change, you miss opportunities to connect with your colleagues and you are more easily distracted. In this workshop, we will give you tips and help you start developing new habits, so you can work from home with more energy and satisfaction.

Workshop “Creating a Habit”

Dream big but start small – or how to learn new habits by taking small steps in your daily life. Research shows that only 8% of the New Year’s resolutions we make on 1 January actually succeed. Why is this figure so low and how can we keep our resolutions?

Workshop “Focus Management”

This inspiration session looks at focus and single-tasking in a VUCA environment: one that is Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous. We look at attention management and its importance for your brain. Learn to keep your focus, get into the flow and stay attentive when distractions are very close by.

Workshop “More Hyperfocus and Flow in your Life”

What would you say if we told you that you could increase your productivity by 500% and simultaneously become happier? We all know the feeling of being in the zone, in a state of flow. What can you do to evoke that state when you need it? What can you do as a team to get into a team flow?

Workshop “Digital Detox”

During this workshop we will learn how to disconnect for more human connection. We will create awareness of our digital consumption and offer concrete tips on how to disconnect digitally in a hyperconnected world.

Workshop “Master Your To-Do List”

An overflowing mailbox, several to-do lists, no sense of control at all and always the gnawing sense of: “I haven’t forgotten anything, have I?” Many managers, entrepreneurs and professionals are constantly confronted with new input and additional questions. How do you keep track of things so you can focus on your most important tasks? How do you ensure progress, so you feel good when you head home at the end of the day?

Workshop “Master Your Mailbox”

Email addiction, isn’t that a bit of an exaggeration? Outlook is a huge productivity killer when we lose control of the tool. The ever-increasing number of emails tests the strength of your system. Customising Outlook (your tool) is like working on your productivity. How do you transform Outlook from a distraction tool to a focus tool?

Workshop “OneNote to the Rescue”

In our information-rich society, we are often overwhelmed by the enormous amount of information. Finding specific data is often a search for a needle in a haystack. To keep that overload under control, you probably make a lot of notes. Good plan! But before you know it, you are keeping these notes in all kinds of places: in notebooks, on scraps of paper, in e-mails, on photos, on beer mats… Which doesn’t make it any easier to find that one needle among all the haystacks you have created. You build and organise your own information and knowledge management system with all your data and knowledge, adapted to your way of working and according to your needs.

Thanks to the collaboration with Springbok, we can teach our colleagues little by little that good health depends on many different elements (sleep, stress, nutrition, exercise, etc.). Every colleague who takes a step towards a healthier life - thanks to professionally substantiated tips - is a big win for us and for the colleague in question.