• Well-being consultancy

Well-being consultancy

A well-being policy with widespread support

Call on us if you want to develop a well-structured and effective well-being policy for your organisation. You will of course continue to take the lead while making use of our approach and expertise. That way, we work together towards a data-driven well-being that ensures your employees’ well-being will remain a priority in your organisation.

Health & Well-being Compass

The Health & Well-being Compass is a structured approach to help you set up and manage your well-being policy. You receive a well-being dashboard, so you can keep your finger on the pulse and make adjustments where necessary.

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Company Scan

The Company Scan offers you a complete scan of your health and well-being policy and infrastructure. In essence, it is a kind of audit of your organisation’s well-being policy. This gives you an exact idea of where your organisation stands, so you know which optimisable areas to focus on – that is where prevention starts. It also enables us to put together a custom programme and policy in line with your needs.

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HowFit Analysis

The HowFit Analysis maps your employees' needs and requirements. Before embarking on a long-term programme, it is a good idea to identify your needs, strengths and weaknesses. That way, you really know what is going on in the workplace and you can create a tailor-made programme that all departments in your organisation are on board with.

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Facility Scan

This workplace analysis maps your workplace in terms health and well-being. You will find out how conducive your workplace is to the health and well-being of your employees. We work with five building blocks: exercise, nutrition, mind, setting and innovation.

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Ergonomic workplace analysis

Do you want to improve ergonomics in your workplace? Then an ergonomic workplace analysis is the best place to start. Our ergonomist visits your organisation and analyses the various workstations, directly interacting with the employees. Production and/or office workers receive personal advice and direct adjustments to their surroundings for issues that can be solved immediately. You will also receive specific facility advice and guidelines for behavioural changes, summarised in a report that will get you on your way towards a sustainable result.

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Occasional consultancy

Do you want help developing and professionalising your well-being policy? Call on a professional well-being consultant. Springbok Coaching is where you need to be – we look forward to sharing our expertise with you.

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Looking for a personal coaching programme?

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