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Work and health are inextricably linked

Springbok clients know that!

Companies all come to us each with their own needs and specific corporate culture. But whatever sectors our clients work in and whatever their priorities, they all have one thing in common: they know that work and health are inextricably linked. What’s more, you can’t have one without the other. Our clients want to assume full responsibility for this. Springbok responds to every request for health coaching with a customised programme that prioritises the happiness and health of employees. Which is why organisations turn to us! But we’ll let our clients speak for themselves.

Our clients


Accent recently launched the “We Care” programme, after we conducted an extensive Company Scan and made practical recommendations, focusing on the mental, socioemotional and physical health of Accent's employees.


Agrifirm has been taking care of its employees for years with the “Vitality @ Agrifirm” programme. It specifically focuses on behavioural change in terms of the long-term attitude to health among Agrifirm's production and office workers.


Ajinomoto developed a strong health and well-being process in partnership with Springbok. This year, the focus is on engaged leadership and healthy nutrition, through interactive cooking workshops and creative nudges.


ArcelorMittal-Disteel is investing in its workers' health, including through workshops and our ‘vitacheck’ health screenings.

AZ Damiaan

The AZ Damiaan hospital has been running the structural process #YourHealthMatters since 2015, with a focus on self-care (physical, mental, emotional) in all departments and for every employee.

AZ Delta

We have been collaborating with AZ Delta since 2020, optimising the hospital's WOW policy through various leadership courses focused on connecting communication during the pandemic and general lifestyle coaching for all employees. We use fun infographics, nudges and dynamic e-learning sessions.

De Dennen

At De Dennen residential care home, we identified the needs of employees using our Company Scan, followed by the roll-out of the programme.

Bright Plus

Along with Bright Plus, we created a health and well-being programme in 2018, in co-creation with their committed working group and managers. Since then, we have held annual thematic workshops on ergonomics, nutrition, etc. All employees receive vitachecks and we support Bright Plus's teleworkers by offering the self-care they need.

De Lijn

De Lijn too has been committed to its employees' health and well-being for years.

Brussels Airport

Brussels Airport too has entrusted us with its health and well-being policy.

Europese Commissie

The European Commission has been inviting us for years to present keynotes and workshops on a healthy lifestyle.


Health, well-being and employee care are ingrained in Evolta’s DNA, which the “Get In Shape, Shape The Future” programme is a perfect example of.


Capital At Work launched the “Fit At Work” programme, tailored to the needs of all its employees. For several years now, we have been a loyal partner (health coach / advisor) in the further roll-out of their health and well-being policy.


4BS too has launched a great health and well-being course for its employees.

Friesland Campina

FrieslandCampina regularly calls on us for workshops, exercise sessions, etc.

Carya Group

Carya Group entrusted us with its “Healthy @ Work” programme.


Ingenium has been organising “Wellbee-ium” projects for years. This year, it set up nothing short of an exercise marathon!


Lidl has its very own “FitforLidl” programme, in which we visit all of Lidl's stores and its distribution centres, for ergonomics coaching on the job, leadership training and all kinds of workshops on themes related to body, mind and soul.

Imperial Meat Products

During the pandemic, Imperial Meat Products/Stegeman really prioritised connective leadership and a healthy lifestyle for all its teleworkers.

Malfait Verzekeringen

Malfait Insurance too is committed to its employee health and well-being programme.

Ministry of Public Works

We set up a Start To Run / Improve Your Run programme for MPW employees, along with a series of exercise sessions.


Moore commits to well-being and team dynamics with its “Week of Well-Being” and the “Flex-Up Challenge”.


Ortec has been passionate about its “Optimise Our Health” programme for several years.


Renmans cares for its employees with a well-thought-out health and well-being policy.


Stas takes care of its employees with the “Fit @ Stas” programme.


Torfs encourages its employees to adopt a healthy lifestyle with its “#samenfit” programme.


TucRail developed its own employee health and well-being policy.


At Volvo Cars, we launched the “Strengthen Your Back” campaign: a 12-week coaching programme for a healthier and stronger back.


The “Fit @ Wiels” programme focuses on healthy food and more exercise.


Xeikon takes care of its employees with a tailor-made health and well-being programme.


Zeepreventorium organised a full-on exercise challenge, which did wonders for its employees' health and team spirit.

Iederéén zich goed laten voelen op het werk?

Zet in op fysiek én mentaal gezonde werknemers. Download de whitepaper ‘In 5 stappen naar een Whealthy Workplace’.

Iederéén zich goed laten voelen op het werk?

Zet in op fysiek én mentaal gezonde werknemers. Download de whitepaper ‘In 5 stappen naar een Whealthy Workplace’.

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