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The power of teams is immense

Many surveys and analyses show that the strength of a team goes a long way to determining well-being. When you work on improving team dynamics, you also work on well-being. People really start to blossom in a good team where there is trust, good communication and a willingness to learn: an environment in which people support, appreciate and spontaneously help each other. How is your team doing?

Team Dynamics

Teams are the driving force behind every organisation. As Michael Jordan said, “Talent wins games, but teamwork wins championships”. Forming a good team requires specific attention. How is the team performing today? In what ways can it grow? This provides a wonderful lever for connection, trust, positivity, creativity and productivity. How long has it been since your team took a long, hard look at itself and tried to identify growth and learning opportunities?

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Whealthy Team Process

Rome was not built in a day, and forming and maintaining a good team is also a process. The Whealthy Team track offers the opportunity to work in depth to build a well-functioning and high performing team.

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Team Boost: Train the Trainer (year 1)

During the Team Boost programme, we coach team leaders over a medium-length period, offering them concrete tips and tools they can use to work autonomously with their own teams. We build a community of team leaders and exchange valuable experiences. n the first phase, we focus on the important basis of team well-being.

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Team Boost: Going Deeper (year 2)

During the second phase of the process, we home in on the specific needs of each team leader and use a Team Scan to explore what your team needs most.

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Team Building

This full- or half-day concept is designed for companies that want to invest in their health policy in a playful way. We guarantee you will enjoy yourself and have fun learning! This session makes useful learning enjoyable. The possibilities are endless!

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