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Springbok Health Coaching @ Work

If you care about your employees’ health

Springbok believes creating a close-knit community is essential. Because you can’t ensure happy and healthy employees by focusing on fitness, resilience and health alone. You also need a company culture in which people feel good and get opportunities.

Who we are

Increase the resilience of your team with our #humantouch

Springbok Coaching coaches organisations and their employees in the workplace with a human approach: our signature #humantouch. Our training sessions, workshops and programmes generate more energy, (mental) resilience and personal happiness.

Our approach

Focus on corporate health & well-being

The success of integrated health management depends on the extent to which employees and management feel that their needs are reflected and that they are being involved in the action plan. Which is why we attach great importance right from the outset to surveying everyone involved, as part of a co-creation process.

Our mission

"Making the world a better place by creating (w)healthier workplaces with flourishing employees."

To evaluate and improve mental and physical well-being, we follow the 7 pillars of a fit & healthy lifestyle.

Our team

Expert health coaches

The Springbok team is made up of a vibrant group of experts with diverse and complementary areas of expertise. Together, our health coaches inspire employees and businesses to adopt a healthy lifestyle, increase their resilience and achieve greater corporate well-being.

Client Manager EN
Client Manager EN

Our clients

Work and health are inextricably linked

There’s one thing all our clients have in common: they know work and health are inextricably linked. Springbok responds to every request for health coaching with a customised programme that prioritises the happiness and health of employees.

Our partners

Partners in health management

Springbok’s health coaches are experts in fitness and movement as well as healthy nutrition, resilience and stress management. That makes Springbok the perfect partner for many organisations that work with different aspects of health management.

Workability cheques

Workability cheques in a nutshell

Workability cheques are a way for businesses who fulfil certain conditions to receive support with identifying and tackling sticking points for good working practices in their organisation.

Springbok Coaching

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