• Individual coaching

Individual coaching

Improving your own skills

You want to improve your employees’ well-being skills at an individual level. You can give your employees information, train them, coach them and offer experiences, in groups or individually. The goal is for everyone to learn and have fun. As the saying goes, it is better to teach someone how to fish than to give them a fish to eat. Or, in other words: the more skills, habits and automatic reactions you can make your own, the better off you will be. After all, a healthy lifestyle, mentally as well as physically, is nothing more than a series of healthy habits you can learn and practice, until they become automatic. That’s what we do in this programme.

Physical analyses

To first step on the way to healthier habits is getting a clear picture of where you are today, then taking things from there. That way, you'll be far more motivated to effectively change your behaviour. Here, you get see how we achieve that with physical analyses that offer genuine insight and help and motivate you to improve your exercise and dietary patterns.

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Mental analyses

The body and mind are inextricably linked. Many employees also benefit from mental support. Read more here about the tests we use to analyse employees’ mental fitness, such as the Vitacheck Mind, the MAS or Mental Adaptation Score Test, and the Personal Energy Analysis. These tests and the additional support give you the opportunity to adjust your lifestyle before problems get out of hand, increase your resilience and manage stress effectively.

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Thematic workshops

How do you get into sports? What are good relaxation exercises to do before bed? Or how do you apply the techniques of ergonomic working to a production unit or your home office? Our workshops on physical health and exercise help you take care of your health.

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Exercise sessions

Are you interested in running techniques? Or would you rather get started with relaxation exercises during a yoga session, learn how to adjust your bike to fit your body or be set on the road with a workout you can do at home? Our exercise sessions will help you maintain your physical (and mental) health!

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Power breaks

As huge numbers of us are working from home again, there is an increasing need for people to maintain their energy levels during the working day and touch base with colleagues. That is what “power breaks” are for: short but intense online practice sessions for greater strength, energy and connection!

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Cooking workshops & demos

Do you have a vague idea what a healthy diet is, but are you still unsure about what’s what? Do you know why some foods are healthier than other? Do you understand the importance of healthy fats, for example? Or the health benefits of pulses? And how do you whip up things like healthy snacks? Get practical knowledge in our cooking demos or really roll up your sleeves in one of our cooking workshops!

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Our Springbok Health Coaches motivate and encourage your employees to work on certain health and well-being issues. They can do so via individual coaching (Vitago) or ergonomics coaching at home.

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Exercise challenges

Sports and exercise are not only good for your health: they also contribute to a good atmosphere. Working towards a shared goal brings colleagues closer and gives them the opportunity to get to know each other outside of the work context. Heading out into the world as a sporty team also gives your company a more dynamic image.

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Vitality Activation Programs

Some challenges require more than one session. It is also nice to get support from others who have to climb the same proverbial mountain as you. Quitting smoking is one example, as is starting to run. For challenges like these, we organise programmes that last several weeks.

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Leadership programmes

We regularly organise “Open Leadership” programmes, such as “Care for Self-Care”, “Heart-Centred Leadership” and the “Embrace Yourself” programme. We can also organise these programmes internally, at your workplace. We ensure that the programme's type of leadership and style correspond to the needs of your organisation and the phase in which your organisation finds itself.

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