• Leadership Programmes

Leadership Programmes

”Embrace Yourself” leadership programme

The “Embrace Yourself” programme is a unique offer to help you acquire various health skills in one programme. The focus is on cultivating new, healthy habits for sustainable results. Participants work on basic skills: more exercise, maintaining a good posture, becoming strong and supple, breathing well, training the mind, eating healthily and sleeping well. With this transformative programme, new healthy habits really get a chance to work.

"Care for Self-Care" leadership programme
Leaders typically have qualities that enable them to care for others. They are attentive to the people in their team and want to bring out the best in them. But they often have a harder time with self-care, recharging their own batteries and guarding their own boundaries. Because staying vital, energetic and motivated is a prerequisite for the ability to really be there for your team, you need to pay attention to the skill of self-care. During this powerful change process, we aim for sustainable (behavioural) change.
“Heart-Centred Leadership” leadership programme
During this programme, leaders develop a broader awareness of their different dimensions, in both physical, mental and social terms. First, we focus on self-leadership. From a healthy mind in a healthy body, we then interact with others to achieve wholehearted results in a business context, along with our team.

Thanks to the sporting collaboration with the enthusiastic team of Springbok Coaching, we have managed to successfully complete the AltaFit Program with Altachem. With fun and refreshing initiatives, the flexible Springbok Coaches have ensured a broad-based commitment that contributes to increased health and general well-being of all our employees.