• Entrepreneur Recharge Programme

Entrepreneur Recharge Programme

Why take the Entrepreneur Recharge Programme?

As a person, entrepreneur, parent, friend, partner, etc., we are in high demand and face great challenges. That not only results in us losing our connection with others: it also means more and more people are losing connection with themselves. This increases the need for self-care, a need that is simultaneously underestimated.

With the Entrepreneur Recharge Coaching Programme, you tackle that exact issue: you take care of yourself by means of an individual blended coaching process (online/offline) that focuses on seven pillars to increase vitality. This is a highly people-oriented approach, progressing step by step towards your maximum potential.

What is included in this 10-week process?

You engage in a ten-week process of self-reflection, guided by the Springbok Community.

Along with a small group of fellow entrepreneurs (4-8 people) you set a personal goal aimed at increasing your self-care and resilience.

  • Mind & body pre-screening
  • Half-day live kick-off in a unique setting
  • 10 weeks of coaching towards greater resilience
  • Personal interface
  • Weekly emails with interesting info/summary of the online content
  • Weekly group check-in sessions (30 min)
  • WhatsApp support group facilitated by the coach
  • 1½ hours of individual coaching
  • Mind & body post-screening
  • Half-day live finale in a unique setting

We offer this information in videos, e-learnings and handy PDF sheets.

Background information

Vitality depends on a number of factors. On the one hand, your DNA partly determines how your body is built. But epigenetics are a huge factor too in determining how you currently see your life. Epigenetics is a relatively new term (1942, Conrad Waddington) that refers to the influence of experiences and surroundings.

Apart from our genetics, our mindset and habits too strongly determine how we experience our day-to-day lives. The good thing is that we can influence this ourselves. It is not ingrained in our DNA. We really do have the strength to steer things in a positive direction ourselves. At Springbok Coaching, we focus on seven pillars that largely determine our vitality.

The coaching process takes 10 weeks. The content is spread out to prevent overload. At the beginning of the course, guided by a Health Coach, you choose whether to focus most on the ‘Mind’ or ‘Body’ aspect. You will follow your own individual programme online. There is also a weekly group check-in and motivating WhatsApp group of other entrepreneurs who are also following this course. Your personally selected Health Coach will monitor your individual progress towards your goals with you, in one-on-one coaching sessions. During this process, your vitality enhancement skills will improve and your self-awareness will increase. Participants in previous programmes scored an average of 17% higher when they were retested for body/mind vitality.

Thanks to the sporting collaboration with the enthusiastic team of Springbok Coaching, we have managed to successfully complete the AltaFit Program with Altachem. With fun and refreshing initiatives, the flexible Springbok Coaches have ensured a broad-based commitment that contributes to increased health and general well-being of all our employees.

Jean-Marie Poppe, Managing Director, Altachem

Springbok Coaching

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