• Whealthy Workplaces TrendTalks

Whealthy Workplaces TrendTalks

Tue 13 Jun, 14:00 - 14:30 CEST, Online
Trends and insights aimed at spreading the know-how towards more Whealthy Workplaces

Join us for the exclusive TrendTalk live events with Springbok Coaching’s CEO and founding father Brecht Buysschaert, sharing trends and insights aimed at spreading the know-how towards more Whealthy Workplaces.

Topic of the TrendTalk on 13/06/2023:

The impact of remote, hybrid and asynchronous working on the wellbeing of our employees and how technology can be a helping hand.

Supported by the expertise and knowledge of Annelies Kampert, Vice president and General Manager of Crestron Europe.

What is the Whealthy Workplaces TrendTalk:

  • 20 minutes of inspirational insights, findings and trends related to health and wellbeing at work
  • 10 minutes of Q&A, interaction, sharing and discussion
  • Thought leaders, guest speakers and influencers from around the world sharing their knowledge and know-how during interviews, paneldiscussions or short keynote speeches
  • Frequently organized by @Springbok Coaching for all professionals willing to improve their workplace to become more Whealthy!

Register for the TrendTalk series here and become part of the global Springbok Coaching Whealthy Workplace Community; Whealthy Tribe!


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