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29 December 2022

Five steps to more well-being at work

To create a whealthy workplace, a well-structured well-being approach is key. Simple, efficient, but based on the right data. Of what is going on in your organisation, for example. What your strengths are, and where you can improve. How do you find out? By mapping the needs of your team. Only then your separate actions can evolve into a well-founded well-being policy - and more well-being at work.

A proven method: the Health & Well-being Compass

With the Health & Well-being Compass, you steer your well-being policy in the right direction. It is a drill-down analysis in which, together with – and with the help of – your employees, you evolve towards more corporate well-being. Via a dashboard, you can easily map out and closely monitor the KPIs around well-being. All data remain strictly personal, but you get the chance to evolve your well-being parameters at team level. And immediately start up a great process for a happy and whealthy team.

Flow to a whealthy lifestyle and more corporate well-being

To structure and manage your well-being policy efficiently on the basis of these data, our coaches go through these 5 steps together with you and your team.

Step 1: creating support

Our team looks at the strength of the support base for setting up a sound well-being policy. Is there not enough support? Then we look at how we can improve it.

Step 2: studying data

We take the available data and possibly generate additional data to really know where we stand. And also to specifically determine where we want to go to.

Step 3: setting priorities

Do we have enough – and the right – data? Then we draw up a plan with priorities, concrete goals, timelines and a budget.

Step 4: implement the plan

Time to effectively implement your whealth policy. And make your organisation a truly whealthy workplace. In this step, communication is of the utmost importance.

Step 5: evaluate

In a continuous circle, we evaluate what went well and where there are areas for improvement. This flow invariably forms part of theHealth & Wellbeing Kompas. And the starting and ending point of more corporate well-being.

Give your well-being policy direction and structure?

Whealthy workplaces: the manual for more well-being at work

In Whealthy Workplaces, Springbok Senior Health & Well-being Consultant Brecht Buysschaert talks about a stimulating health and well-being policy. A workplace that is truly Whealthy? That scores well on well-being, wealth and healthy. And the entrepreneurs, scientists and other influencers he interviews during his walk your talk in nature know this too.

‘Changing behaviour is difficult and requires professional support’.

– Professor of Health Economics Lieven Annemans

Want to read and know more about corporate well-being, health and productivity in the workplace?

Without this exercise, we were at greater risk of losing people. We have now reduced that risk because we have given everyone the opportunity to participate in what is the future of our team. It is a start, we still have a very long way to go.

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