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Increase the resilience of your team with our #humantouch

Health coaching in the workplace

Springbok Coaching coaches organisations and their employees to improve security, well-being and health at work. We offer consulting and coaching in the workplace with a human approach, our signature #humantouch. Our advice, training sessions, workshops and programmes have been giving individuals, teams and organisations all over Belgium more energy, (mental) resilience and personal happiness since 2014.


Resilient as the springbok

We are purpose-driven, never stop developing, and make great leaps together.

Just like the springbok: a healthy, resilient herd animal that symbolises togetherness. A social animal too. When a springbok is healthy, it is swift and agile and flourishes. When its herd is in danger, it will guide it to safety in huge leaps and bounds.

Making the world a better place by creating (w)healthier workplaces with flourishing employees

Involvement, resilience and vitality

Those high leaps – a demonstration of involvement, resilience and vitality – were precisely what inspired our founders Brecht Buysschaert and Diederik Joukes to use the springbok in our name and logo. The springbok also symbolises our company values:

  • Together: in co-creation with all stakeholders (top-down and bottom-up)
  • Personal approach: the #humantouch, paying attention to each and every individual
  • Respect: for body and mind
  • Integrity: honest, reliable
  • No-nonsense: purposeful, decisive and results-driven
  • Enthusiasm: for our work, which we genuinely enjoy

Springbok Coaching

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