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Our mission

“We want to improve the world by creating Whealthy Workplaces with thriving employees.”

The seven pillars of our sustainable health programme for healthy employees in healthy businesses

7 pijlers voor gezonde levensstijl

Our 7 pillars of a fit & healthy lifestyle

Pillar 1
More exercise

Human beings are born to move. Exercise is the best medicine and best way to prevent problems. It’s a miracle pill, the cornerstone of a healthy lifestyle.

Currently, only 50% of people in the West get enough exercise. Despite the fact that exercise can be really fun, on your own or with others.

The main priority at work is to avoid long periods of sitting and let people experience the joys of exercise. More and better exercise also reduces neck and back complaints. Exercising together is a way to connect that generates dynamism and energy!

Pillar 2
Healthier eating

The way to fitness is through the belly. What you eat determines how you feel and how healthy you are. A healthy diet gives you energy and keeps illness at bay.

You can encourage healthy eating in the workplace by offering nutritional advice, workshops and cooking demonstrations, for example.

Pillar 3
Stress management

Consciously increase your resilience. It doesn’t matter how often you fall: it’s all about how often you get back up. You can get better at this! We help you discover (or regain) your strength. Proper self-care gives you the energy to stay strong and recover more quickly when things are tough.

In stress management, it is important to get to know your inner balance and actively manage it. While you figure out how to cope with things that sap your energy, you build your resilience by getting enough rest and doing activities that give you energy.

Pillar 4
Better quality sleep

Being well rested gives you a real energy boost. When you’ve slept well, you tend to feel you can take on the world. But a staggering number of people suffer from sleep problems.

It’s definitely worth paying more attention to this. After all, a good night’s rest starts during the day! Which activities, foods and environmental factors influence sleep, and how can you learn to manage them better?

Pillar 5
(Working) environment

Willpower is greatly overrated! Your surroundings play a major role in determining your lifestyle. Make life as easy and pleasant as possible for yourself and your colleagues by adjusting the environment in ways that make healthy living a matter of course. This means light, air quality, space, smell, biophilic design, acoustic privacy and nudging.

Thinking about your surroundings in ergonomic terms brings joy and offers long-term positive results, for office workers, production workers or people who are often on the road.

Pillar 6
The power of positive thinking

Health is very dynamic! Our physical and social health are related to our mental well-being. How comfortable are you in your own skin? How do you increase your self-awareness and self-reflection? Doing so brings you closer to yourself and others!

The more resilient you are, the more you learn to approach your mental health in protective and restorative terms. Restorative care means stimulating positive thinking, encouraging your mind to keep learning and calming it in good time.

Protective care means committing to positive emotions and actively connecting with yourself and others.

Pillar 7
Connected working

Everyone wants to belong. And work connects people. You can increase this connection by teaching people about connecting or non-violent communication. By helping them get better at teamwork.

Team coaching leads to a healthy team dynamic. In many cases, that is the best step you can take towards better health and well-being in the workplace. Step by step, you create real trust, openness and greater clarity. In fact, showing vulnerability strengthens the group spirit. This helps everyone act with authenticity and take steps towards genuine enthusiasm.

Good feedback is a gift that enables your organisation to increasingly turn into a learning organisation with the ability to stand strong in this rapidly changing world. Focusing on common goals and learning and improving together are what create that team spirit we all crave.

Iederéén zich goed laten voelen op het werk?

Zet in op fysiek én mentaal gezonde werknemers. Download de whitepaper ‘In 5 stappen naar een Whealthy Workplace’.

Iederéén zich goed laten voelen op het werk?

Zet in op fysiek én mentaal gezonde werknemers. Download de whitepaper ‘In 5 stappen naar een Whealthy Workplace’.

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