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Focus on corporate health & well-being

Towards an integrated health policy at work

Corporate well-being is a blanket term that covers a wide range of measures aimed at an integrated health policy at work. Along with company managers or the directors of an organisation, we develop a sustainable health programme that focuses on employee well-being.

The success of integrated health management depends on the extent to which employees and management feel that their needs are reflected and that they are being involved in the action plan. Which is why we attach great importance right from the outset to surveying everyone involved, as part of a co-creation process.

Step 1

Organisational scan: analysing corporate well-being

A thorough organisational scan identifies the needs of the company and its employees. It is based on the following:

Step 2

Formulating a health policy

Based on the information collected in the corporate well-being analysis, we design a path to an integrated workplace-health policy, with realistic goals. We might want the percentage of participants in the programme to increase from 30% to 50% after one year. Or the attendance rate at work to rise from 80% to 85%, or the influx of new recruits to increase.

We develop this health and well-being programme step by step, in partnership with the internal working group (consisting of employees and managers) and a project manager from Springbok Coaching. The programme considers factors such as:

  • company culture
  • employees’ physical and mental fitness
  • practical possibilities
  • the company’s budget

To successfully implement the health policy, we recommend a solid communication plan. We have access to an online content and registration platform, MyVitacheck.be, where employees can find information and register for coaching sessions that are organised for them.


Step 3

Rolling out your health policy

A kick-off talk is the ideal start to the rollout of your health programme. It gives employees excellent insight into the ‘why’ behind the programme. We want to make it clear to employees that their needs are being considered. Obviously, a kick-off talk is intended to generate enthusiasm and ensure as many employees as possible participate in the programme.

The programme may consist of:

  • Physical and mental analyses
  • Individual or group coaching
  • Workshops, exercise sessions, cooking demos
    (Virtual) learning journeys
  • Challenges

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