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Workability cheques

Workability cheques in a nutshell

Workability cheques are a way for businesses who fulfil certain conditions to receive support with identifying and tackling sticking points for good working practices in their organisation.

Springbok Coaching is a registered service provider with a quality accreditation from the Department of Work and Social Economy. This means that our Company Scan, HowFit Analysis and any activities to implement an action plan are eligible for workability cheques.

These cheques cover 60% of costs, up to a maximum grant of €10,000 per company. Which means that if measures cost €16,666, the grant will cover €10,000, with the company itself only having to contribute €6,666.

Springbok Coaching guides its clients through the application process. The procedure is as follows:

  • Application for workability cheques on the online platform
  • Approval of the application by ESF, usually after four weeks
  • Implementation of the project
  • Reporting on the project using the online platform
  • Reimbursement by ESF within four weeks

You can read more here about these workability cheques.

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