• Whealthy Workplaces March 2023

Whealthy Workplaces March 2023

Thursday 02/03/2023 - Friday 03/03/2023, Lochristi (Belgium)
A structural 'whealthy' management in the workplace is gradually finding its way. Leading organisations are already investing heavily in this mix of health, well-being and opulence. For many workplaces, this process is still non-existent or limited to one-off initiatives. It is our ambition and dream to make whealthy, the norm. A real no brainer for employers and leaders with a sustainable growth mindset.
Breakfast session BRYC

This high-level programme provides a solid strategic framework to get started with the “human capital” in your organisation. The programme offers added value towards “healthy business”, focusing on increased employee engagement, self-management among employees and the structural approach at organisational level.

During this programme, the foundations of a well-considered well-being and health policy are laid bare, with room for sharing knowledge and experiences among the participants.

Tools are provided to work on a fit lifestyle of people as a basic foundation for sustainable employability of employees. Topics include exercise, nutrition, stress & resilience, sleep, positive mindset, connecting communication & environmental factors.

During this two-day masterclass, we will address:

  • Whealthy Workplaces: why?
  • Whealthy Workplaces: The innovative vision
  • Whealthy Workplaces: Roadmap
    Step 1: Align and connect
    Step 2: Knowledge is power
    Step 3: Design and planning
    Step 4: Promotion and maintenance
    Step 5: Evaluation and optimisation
  • Whealthy Workplaces: inspiration from practice

Enthusiastic reactions from the participants of our previous masterclass


The Whealthy Workplaces Masterclass was of TOP level, very informative, substantiated and practical. My expectations were fully met. I went home with practical tools and tips to fine-tune my existing well-being action plan, ranging from small sensitising health actions to advanced well-being activities, how to draw up measurable KPIs, etc. according to a clearly structured strategic implementation model. The training brought me ‘sense of purpose’, but above all ‘eagerness’ to do something further with it. Brecht and Diederik are 2 engaging, inspiring, authentic speakers who leave a lot of room for interaction, have passion for their profession and teach according to the principle “leading by example” doing what they say and saying what they do. Really valuable!”

Ilka Mosselmans, Organisational Development Expert, Local Government Beersel

Thanks to the Masterclass, I know very well how Springbok tackles change processes around well-being in companies. It has given a lot of clarity for me about what is involved. Diederik and Brecht’s genuine passion and accessibility are a breath of fresh air and made for two pleasant days that flew by. Because it went on with a small group, there was plenty of room for interaction and we were able to learn from each other.

Silke Van de Leur, Independent Wellbeing Consultant

I signed up for this master class in preparation for working out a well-being policy for Nipro. During the 2 days, Brecht and Diederik take you through their vision on well-being and give you practical tips & tricks you can put into practice.
This training especially gave me structure with which we can bundle our well-being initiatives into a coherent whole. Moreover, their enthusiasm has also given me an enormous boost personally. During the masterclass, there is also time to exchange ideas with the other participants and there is room to immediately translate the theory into your own concrete situation. You leave this 2-day programme with a lot of inspiration, ideas and enthusiasm!

Marjan Vreven, Talent Manager, Nipro Europe

Thanks to the Whealthy Workplaces Masterclass of Springbok Coaching, I now have a clear, efficient and structural plan of approach to introduce and implement wellbeing & health at my employer. Brecht and Diederik breathe wellbeing and health, are very inspiring, and also give you a whole range of tips & trics. You also get the time and space to work on your own case, which you can then test with Brecht and Diederik, and the rest of the participants. An enormously useful exercise. Now, even more than before, I am convinced that every employer should put the well-being and health of its employees as a top priority on the agenda.

An Bogaerts, Personal Assistant, Exmar

Reading the book ‘Whealthy Workplaces’ by Brecht Buysschaert was an eye-opener for me. Especially the insight that well-being and health for your employees is an important strategic choice. You can only care or commit to someone else when you yourself are well in your own skin. As policy coordinator for help and services to detainees at Dendermonde prison, my job initially focused on our target group. But more and more I noticed that I am concerned with matters relating to the staff, and more specifically their well-being. After all, we work in a specific context, where taking care of each other (physically and mentally) is very important. This training gave me even more insights, tools, starting points and nudges to work on this further and more explicitly, both within the prison context and within my own organisation. Every manager, staff member, director or team leader should take this course. Let’s all continue to build even more whealthy workplaces!

Annelies Jans, Policy coordinator Assistance and services to detainees, Dendermonde Prison, Justice and Enforcement Agency



Maximum 12


Executives, Health & Wellbeing Ambassadors, Prevention Advisors, etc.

Jouw investering

  • € 795 excl. BTW (incl. catering – excl. overnachting) (-25% korting 2de deelnemer van hetzelfde bedrijf)
  • Social profit: € 495 excl. BTW (incl. catering – excl. overnachting)
  • Non-profit: € 495 excl. BTW (incl. catering – excl. overnachting)


Brecht Buysschaert

Founding & Managing Partner, Senior Health & Wellbeing Consultant

Diederik Joukes

Managing Partner, Senior Health & Wellbeing Consultant

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