• Whealthy Team Process

Whealthy Team Process

The “Whealthy Team” process is a series of team interventions that offers a team the opportunity to achieve sustainable results in terms of how the team functions.

The process is fully customised, based on the identified needs and goals of the team in question. Format- and time-wise, it can be offered in different phases.

The benefits gained from the team coaching process are permanent, because the exercises, interventions and Team Scan are used to discuss how the team functions below the surface. The team members are encouraged to understand their own contribution to the team’s goals and made aware of the effect that their behaviour has on the group. That way, participants learn to take ownership of their contribution. In the long term, we work on monitoring the team’s goals and focus on members’ action plan(s), with autonomous follow-up.

This process is suitable for teams that want to commit themselves to a courageous, in-depth scrutiny of their internal functioning.

Thanks to the sporting collaboration with the enthusiastic team of Springbok Coaching, we have managed to successfully complete the AltaFit Program with Altachem. With fun and refreshing initiatives, the flexible Springbok Coaches have ensured a broad-based commitment that contributes to increased health and general well-being of all our employees.