• Vitality Activation Programs

Vitality Activation Programs


Start To Run

Dit is een traject van 12 weken. In eerste instantie krijgen alle medewerkers een e-mail met de vraag (en enthousiaste oproep) of ze willen deelnemen aan het Improve Your Run traject. Wanneer de deelnemers zich aangemeld hebben, volgt een 1ste Kick-Off Workshop waarin we het trainingsschema (in de huisstijl van het bedrijf) overhandigen en waarbij we de nodige uitleg geven om hiermee aan de slag te gaan. Nadien staan er nog 3 workshops gepland die gespreid worden over deze 12 weken:

  • Running technique
  • Injury prevention
  • Nutrition & sports

The goal of this process is for the participants to be able to run 5 km or for about 30 minutes after 12 weeks.  

Improve Your Run

This is a 12-week programme. To begin with, all employees receive an e-mail asking them whether they want to participate in the Improve Your Run programme (and inspiring them to join in). When the participants have registered, we hold a first Kick-Off Workshop where we give them the training schedule (in the company’s house style) and provide the explanation they need to get started. Three more workshops are planned along the way, spread over these 12 weeks:

  • Running technique
  • Injury prevention
  • Nutrition & sports
A challenge is often planned at the end of the process, such as the Antwerp 10 miles.
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Focus Walk

The focus walks are a taught series of seven walks. The combination of exercise and mindfulness training is one of the most effective things you can do to regularly regain your inner balance.

Healthy Back

This 12-week online coaching programme begins with a functional screening focused on back problems.

Immediately afterwards, you will receive a customised exercise pack with targeted exercises to strengthen weak muscle chains and stretch overactive (too tense) muscle groups, based on the compensations used in the squat analysis.

Afterwards, you will receive an email every week for 12 weeks with practical information and tips and tricks to help you develop a healthier, stronger back. You have direct access to an online platform where you can find all the necessary information, exercise videos, e-learnings, etc. You can opt for individual coaching or monitoring along the way.

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Stop Smoking Support

You can offer this process to improve your employees’ health. Employees will be healthier, live longer and be ill less often. Smoking one cigarette a day during working hours is equivalent to one day off work per year. For the company, the elimination of smoking breaks, the resulting positive image and especially the health aspect is an absolute win on all levels.

This process lasts 6-12 weeks. It starts with a Kick-Off Workshop in which employees are encouraged to stop smoking with the help of this programme. After that, participants meet at regular intervals (six times) for a one-hour coaching session. The intention is that participants will be able to go through life smoke-free after the process.

Employee Recharge Programme Body/Mind

In this 10-week online coaching programme, you will be given a framework and plenty of practical tips, tricks and assignments based on the seven health pillars that determine your vitality. We will also take a good look at work-life integration to offer you the tools you need to keep juggling all those plates in your life.


Entrepreneur Recharge Programme Body/Mind

As a person, entrepreneur, parent, friend, partner, etc., we are in high demand and face great challenges. That not only results in us losing our connection with others: it also means more and more people are losing connection with themselves. This increases the need for self-care, a need that is simultaneously underestimated.

With the Entrepreneur Recharge Coaching Programme, you tackle that exact issue: you take care of yourself by means of an individual blended coaching process (online/offline) that focuses on seven pillars to increase vitality. This is a highly people-oriented approach, progressing step by step towards your maximum potential.

Employee Assistance Programmes

Opt for personal development with the Employee Assistance Programmes. Lifelong learning adds significant value to the lives of many people. Make progress through personal coaching, testing and online guidance. In the EAP, an employee can choose from three themes: Exercise, Food and Mind. In addition, there is the choice between a professional and premium package.


Ambassador Programmes

In the Ambassador Programmes, a group of employees works towards a predetermined goal. Taking on such a challenge shows courage and ambition, congratulations! Accepting professional guidance is a wise choice that increases your chances of success.

The goal is up to you: it could be a ten-mile run, a half marathon, a trail run, or a cycling challenge such as Mont Ventoux, Marmotte or Stelvio. Developing healthy work habits, such as morning rituals that have both a physical and mental impact, is also a popular goal.

Thanks to the sporting collaboration with the enthusiastic team of Springbok Coaching, we have managed to successfully complete the AltaFit Program with Altachem. With fun and refreshing initiatives, the flexible Springbok Coaches have ensured a broad-based commitment that contributes to increased health and general well-being of all our employees.