• Vitacheck Body

Vitacheck Body

The four main parameters of your physical health are mapped out using seven tests. You will find a list of these tests below.

Once the tests have been completed, you receive an individual Vitacheck report to discuss with your Health Coach.

Afterwards, there is an eight-week online follow-up period, with exercises and tips & tricks to help you take your health to heart.

List of the seven tests

01 Lichaamssamenstelling 01
Body composition

Weighing on the Tanita scale to determine your fat percentage, muscle mass, water mass and metabolic age.

03 Overhead Sqat
Squat analysis

The squat analysis identifies over- and underactive muscles. We then give you targeted exercises to work on this.

Jump test

The vertical jump test measures the explosive power of the lower body and leg muscles.

Hand power

Hand power measures the peripheral force in the body.

02 Core Stability
Superman test

A relevant and dynamic strength test for the core muscles.

04 Lenigheid 02

Tests the forward flexibility of the back and the flexibility of the hamstrings.

05 Uithouding 01-min

Step test to evaluate heart-rate recovery/condition.

07 Rapport 01

After the tests, a short discussion follows. How well do I score compared to the health standard and what can I do to improve?

The Springbok Coaches succeed in taking people out of the traditional work context and lift them to another level with brio. The physical screening of participants is done professionally and with respect for the individual. We managed to enthuse and engage a considerable number of employees to work on a more active and healthy lifestyle. We received very positive feedback.