• Team Dynamics

Team Dynamics

Team Coaching Day

During this Team Coaching Day, the goal is to improve team performance and group dynamics. How well a team works is crucial to its well-being and success. These issues often receive little attention, even though they usually contain the key to upping your game.

This training day helps your team take a giant step forward. Dynamic exercises focus closely on teamwork, coordination and performance. We uncover, discuss and transform patterns that are often unconscious and unintentional. What kind of team do you want to be? Why? Where are you now? What obstacles are facing you? What do you need and which resources are available to you to help you make progress? You draw up an action plan for your team.

This day is preceded by an intake interview.


Team Dynamics Day on “Trust”

This fun team dynamics day is all about trust. We start with team dynamic exercises to reveal existing patterns, followed by a participatory cooking demo. Cooking together is fun, interesting and creates trust.

In the afternoon, we look at the existing patterns and consider the necessary ingredients of trust. We ask ourselves what we can do in practice to increase trust, by means of practical team dynamic assignments. Ideally, this day is held in a pleasant natural location.
Ideally, this day is held in a pleasant natural location.

The day is preceded by an intake interview.

This past year, we cooperated closely with Springbok Coaching as our preferred partner for physical, mental and social resilience. Their wide range of topics and the professionalism of the coaches add special value to our “Anacare Yourself” programme.