• Team Boost: Going Deeper (year 2)

Team Boost: Going Deeper (year 2)


During the Team Boost programme, we coach team leaders over a medium-length period, offering them concrete tips and tools they can use to work autonomously with their own teams. We build a community of team leaders and exchange valuable experiences.

During the second phase of the process, we home in on the specific needs of each team leader and use a Team Scan to explore what your team needs most.

We develop a custom coaching process and start working with your team, to teach team members to gain insight into the way their team functions. We turn your team into a learning team that is capable of self-evaluation and self-optimisation, based on team insights and self-reflection.

Going Deeper is a customised, in-depth process at the level of individual teams.

The programme is structured as follows:

  • Team Scan
  • Team Intake
  • Team coaching session 1
  • Intervision session 1
  • Team coaching session 2
  • Intervision session 2
  • Team coaching session 3
  • Intervision session 3

During the past year we worked closely with Springbok Coaching as our preferred partner in the field of physical, mental and social resilience. The wide range of topics and the professionalism of the different coaches give a unique added value to our 'anacare yourself' program.