• Power breaks

Power breaks

for pc movement

Interrupt time spent sitting down by focusing on exercise and becoming more aware of your body posture. Fight stress and experience greater inner peace by focusing on your breathing. The short online practice sessions offer exercises that employees can continue to work with throughout the day.

What we offer – Free choice of ‘Body-Mind-Soul’ exercises
  • Strength exercises for lower and upper body
  • Workout with resistance band
  • Stability workout
  • Trigger points with tennis ball
  • Core stability training
  • Stretching session
  • Balance session
  • Breath focus
  • Mindfulness
  • Body scan
  • (Chair) yoga
  • Pilates

The sessions are accessible to everyone, regardless of age and fitness level. The power breaks are held online at fixed times, on Zoom or Teams. Anyone can join in with no obligations, and the number of participants is unlimited. This is a way to increase the individual vitality of your employees and ensure greater connectedness.

Springbok Coaching appealed to us because they really sensed the dynamics of the workplace and came up with a realistic policy. We now have a health policy that is accessible, even for people who don’t enjoy sports.