• Physical analyses

Physical analyses

Vitacheck Body

The Vitacheck Body is a crucial element in the programme. It is used to raise awareness, generate involvement and really motivate employees to participate.

Each participant gets a physical screening of their body composition, endurance, strength, agility and functional movement (ten tests in total). They then receive an individual report comparing their scores with those of others of the same age and gender.

Once all participants have received their Vitacheck, the overall results are passed back to the focus group.

Lactic acid test

A lactic acid test records a person’s heartbeat, speed, possibly wattage and lactic acid throughout a progressively difficult period of exertion (running or cycling).

It is suitable for measuring an individual’s baseline, and is an ideal monitoring test for sportspeople who want to track their fitness capacities.

Doing a lactic acid test takes about one hour. Afterwards, the participant receives a report and the results are discussed.


Sugar analysis

Healthy workers are more productive. The infamous “afternoon dip” and its corresponding loss of concentration due to fluctuating blood sugar levels is a frequent occurrence in the workplace. Sports performance, stress, sleep and weight are also highly influenced by the stability of someone’s blood sugar levels.

Knowledge is power, and a unique sugar sensor enables us to map sugar levels in real time! These insights help us find out what impact your diet, exercise or lifestyle factors have, allowing us to adjust matters where necessary. The sensor maps your sugar levels for 14 days, during which time you simply have to record your food and drink intake and exercise in a user-friendly app. That enables us to figure out together what causes high sugar peaks and to deal with them.

The Springbok team’s accessible and enthusiastic approach has led to behavioural changes in our staff with regard to a healthy lifestyle. Year after year, Springbok inspires us to develop our Wellbee-ium project. Springbok has even got through to employees who weren’t that easily persuaded. This is improving general well-being among all Ingenium employees.