• Occasional consultancy

Occasional consultancy


For many companies, working strategically to increase well-being is relatively new. Turning employee well-being into more and more of a focal point for the organisation takes thought and – especially – action. There is no one-size-fits-all approach or solution. It may take a while to discover what suits your organisation best. Your employees will need to devote time to this. But you can speed up the process and make it more efficient by calling in Springbok Coaching.

Drawing on our experience, we will help you design and roll out a well-being policy tailored to your needs. You can hire a well-being consultant to help you lead this process. You can rely on the experience we have built up over the years with rolling out well-being policies at countless organisations. This also takes the pressure off the employees responsible for well-being. Our well-being consultant can become part of your well-being team and take on responsibilities for the policy. You decide the extent of their involvement. The well-being consultant has an advisory role: you remain the one who charts the organisation’s course.

Thanks to our hands-on partnership with the enthusiastic Springbok Coaching team, Altachem managed to successfully complete the AltaFit Programme. The flexible Springbok Coaches ensured everyone was commitment and on board, thanks to fun, innovative initiatives that help improve the health and general well-being of all our employees.