• Mental analyses

Mental analyses


Vitacheck Mind

You fill in an online questionnaire, consisting of an individual mental fitness scan. Afterwards, you discuss your Vitacheck Mind results with your coach (individual coaching session). Both live and online coaching are possible.

We look into the following topics:
1. Feeling free to be yourself
2. Support system
3. Feeling good
4. Being in balance
5. Self-determination
6. Happiness at work

Coaching is always offered (minimum 45 min.) to help you immediately interpret your score. This prevents people with a ‘more difficult’ score from being left in the cold without guidance. This process and the accompanying coaching offers them genuine help. The Vitacheck Mind survey is also part of more extensive programmes focusing on employees’ mental well-being.

MAS Test

The MAS or Mental Adaptation Score, measured in the blood, is an objective, very easy to interpret colour score. It shows your mental fitness and adaptation to daily stress. The colour score reveals whether you need to take action.

This enables you to intervene in time by adjusting your lifestyle and ensuring your inner balance returns. The MAS is divided into colour zones, each of which reflects a different risk of chronic stress and stress complaints.


Personal energy analysis

During this analysis, your heart rate is monitored non-stop for two periods of three days each. You simply have to stick two sensors onto your skin.

These sensors register the movements of your heart, so they can tell you what gives you energy and what costs you energy. You enter your activities yourself in the accompanying app to get an accurate idea of what your stressors and energy boosters are. That enables you to take specific action. A really informative process, with lasting results!

Thanks to our collaboration with Springbok, we are teaching our colleagues bit by bit that good health depends on all sorts of factors, including sleep, stress, diet and exercise. Every time a colleague takes a step towards a healthier life thanks to these professionally substantiated tips, both we and the colleague in question achieve a major victory!