• HowFit Analysis

HowFit Analysis

The HowFit Analysis is a simple online or offline survey that asks employees questions about their behaviour, habits and needs in terms of physical and mental health. There are questions related to all of our seven pillars.

The results of this survey contain crucial input to develop a customised programme that is even more closely tailored to the needs of all employees. All departments are involved in the HowFit Analysis.

Its output serves as a baseline. The survey (mainly HowFit) can be retaken annually by means of a StayFit, so that it reflects the ROI of efforts in this area through several KPIs.

Springbok Coaching creates, processes and analyses the survey for you. A final report with overall conclusions and recommendations is presented to the working group and/or management.

The analysis can be conducted online or offline, during an information meeting or through participation in team meetings.

The Springbok Coaches know how to take people out of their traditional work context and lift them to the next level – with fantastic results! The physical screening of the participants is done professionally and with respect for each individual. We have been able to fire up and convince a significant number of employees to work towards a healthier and more active lifestyle. And we’ve received plenty of positive reactions.