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Healthy Back

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The process starts with a screening focused on a stronger back. The screening includes four tests (body composition, fat/muscle mass, flexibility/mobility, and strength/stability). These tests are used to clearly map your baseline and to determine which exercises you need so that we will be able to see a clear evolution and progression after 12 weeks.

Every week, you will receive follow-up emails with tips and tricks and new exercises to integrate into your programme. Group training is offered in weeks 2, 6 and 10, and there will also be an individual coaching session with your Health Coach. You will be able to directly get in touch with your Health Coach for any questions or problems (the ‘ask the coach’ formula).

After 12 weeks, you will be retested to chart your progress. This programme includes the use of Myvitacheck.be, where participants can register for group training, retesting, etc. This module is inclusive and takes all the hassle off your hands.


Thanks to the sporting collaboration with the enthusiastic team of Springbok Coaching, we have managed to successfully complete the AltaFit Program with Altachem. With fun and refreshing initiatives, the flexible Springbok Coaches have ensured a broad-based commitment that contributes to increased health and general well-being of all our employees.