• Health & Well-being Compass

Health & Well-being Compass

Data-driven well-being

The Health & Well-being Compass is a tried-and-tested method to help you stay on track in your approach to well-being. It gives you structure and insight into the data you need to ensure a sustainable and efficient approach by simple means. An important aspect of this is having access to a dashboard that makes it easy to monitor any well-being KPIs. Employee surveys give you insight into what is really going on, as well as your strong points and areas with room for improvement, so you understand your needs. This is a good way to move from off-the-cuff activities to a genuine well-being policy. You see how the well-being parameters that are important for your organisation are evolving. The dashboard allows you to view all parameters at team level while maintaining strict privacy, since there is a required minimum team size to conduct this drill-down analysis.

Flow to a whealthy lifestyle in the workplace

The flow to a whealthy lifestyle gives you the structure you need to manage a well-being policy. It consists of five steps. The first step is that we measure the level of support for a genuine well-being policy and explore ways of increasing that support. Then we look at the available data (possibly even generating additional data) to find out exactly where we stand and determine where we want to go. Next, we draw up a plan with priorities, concrete goals, a timeline and a budget, before implementing the plan in step 4. We pay a lot of attention to communication, which is essential! As a final step, we reflect on what has gone well and what can be improved going forward. We use this structure – flow to a whealthy lifestyle – in the Health & Well-Being Compass and in our consultancy work.


Rapid, objective insights

We turn your request into insight in no time. Within a month, you will know how your employees are doing.

Access to dashboard (1 year)

This gives you peace of mind. You can see how your employees are doing – and measure the impact of your well-being policy – at any given moment.

Up to four measurements per year

We are always available to answer or look into additional questions. Up to four times a year, you can gain more insight into what is going on in your organisation.

The Springbok Coaches know how to take people out of their traditional work context and lift them to the next level – with fantastic results! The physical screening of the participants is done professionally and with respect for each individual. We have been able to fire up and convince a significant number of employees to work towards a healthier and more active lifestyle. And we’ve received plenty of positive reactions.