• Focus Walk

Focus Walk

The focus walks are a taught series of seven walks.

The combination of exercise and mindfulness training is one of the most effective things you can do to regularly regain your inner balance.

During the walks – near the office – you will also go on a journey of discovery within yourself and learn to calm your mind. This unique course is very accessible: anyone who can walk can join in. We learn the attention techniques step by step (literally) – an open mind and the will to learn are all you need to get involved. For many people, this training initiates a process that will resonate throughout their whole lives.


  • Walking technique: focus on the walking movement
  • Stopping: one-point focus, returning to the focus, focus on the senses, focus on the movement
  • Silence exercise
  • Body scan
  • Working with a mantra
  • Letting go and trusting
  • Dealing with thoughts and emotions
  • Mildness, self-compassion and gratitude.

What you need: comfortable clothes and shoes

Course duration: One hour per session for seven weeks

Maximum number of participants: 12

Springbok Coaching appealed to us because they really sensed the dynamics of the workplace and came up with a realistic policy. We now have a health policy that is accessible, even for people who don’t enjoy sports.