• Facility Scan

Facility Scan

This ‘Health & Well-Being’ workplace analysis and facility checklist is a crucial part of our Company Scan in step 2, ‘knowledge is power’. It has the following goals:

Critical mapping of the current facilities relating to health and well-being at work. How conducive is the workplace to promoting health and well-being?

We look into the five building blocks of a healthy lifestyle and offer innovative ideas.

  • Exercise (ergonomics, level of physical activity, sedentary behaviour)
  • Nutrition (water, beverages, fruit, vegetables and food transparency)
  • Mind (stress management, positive mindset, sleep, relaxation)
  • Surroundings (heat, sound, light, air quality, materials, biophilic design)
  • Community (human connections, communication, creativity and fun)
  • Innovation (innovative ideas about the health and well-being programme)

You can expect specific, usable advice on where there is room for improvement and what your needs and main levers are to improve health and well-being in the workforce by means of health coaching (e.g. workshops) and whealth communications (e.g. nudging). This advice is formulated according to the principle of the priority matrix.

Springbok Coaching appealed to us because they really sensed the dynamics of the workplace and came up with a realistic policy. We now have a health policy that is accessible, even for people who don’t enjoy sports.