• Exercise sessions

Exercise sessions

“Active Office Yoga” exercise session
This is an active exercise session in which we learn the most important yoga-inspired poses to counteract the consequences of sitting all day. We make use of what is at hand in an office. You will be amazed by what you can do with an office chair!

“Restorative Yoga” exercise session
In this session, we do different postures and gentle movements to bring about relaxation. The intention is to calm your nervous system. This blissfully relaxed session teaches you techniques you can continue to apply yourself afterwards. This session is mainly focused on relaxation. You need a (yoga) mat and two blankets.

“Slow Flow Yoga” exercise session
This session takes you out of your head and into your body. The sequence of the different yoga postures makes your body stronger and more flexible. Expect a wonderful flow that gives you an energy boost and whose effect you will feel for the rest of the day (or even longer). This session is held on a (yoga) mat and is mainly focused on the use of your muscles, perhaps even ones you didn’t know you had.

“Yin Yoga” exercise session
A yin yoga session aims for relaxation, both mentally and physically. You stay in each position for a few minutes, which relaxes not only your muscles, but also your deeper connective tissues. You do most of the postures sitting or lying down. There are also breathing exercises. This session is held on a (yoga) mat and is mainly aimed at relaxation and inner peace.

“Power Elastics” exercise session
An active movement workshop for the whole body, using a so-called power elastic. This powerful rubber band offers resistance so that you can make your muscles work extra hard. Very efficient and a lot of fun!

“Strength & Mobility” exercise session
Mobility in strength is needed to perform universal human movements safely and effectively, such as squatting, pushing, pulling, crawling and rolling. All movements that are necessary for a functional life. Mobility plays a huge role in improving the quality of your movements and preventing injuries. Use it or lose it. Regularly giving your muscles and joints a good workout that covers their entire spectrum of movement keeps you strong and supple.

Exercise session “Home Work-Out”
In this session, you will work out at home. You will learn efficient and fun exercises to pamper your body and mind, which you can also easily do at home afterwards. Everyone can participate, the exercises will be adapted to your own level. Make sure you have enough space behind your screen to join our Springbok Coach.

“Functional Circuit Training” exercise session
You start this session with a few fun tests (such as the wall test, superman test and Davies test) so that you become even more aware of your functional possibilities. Next, you will learn the best exercises to improve your core stability, maintain a good active posture and become stronger and more self-aware.

“Bike Position Fitting” exercise session
Here’s one for the cyclists! Learn how to adapt your bike to suit your own body, so you can comfortably crunch those kilometres and put optimal power on the pedals.

“Cardio-Box” exercise session
Training that packs a punch, like a true boxer! After a fun warm-up, we get to work with the gloves. Rest assured: there is no real boxing, but the boxing movements do offer an intensive experience.

“Various Sports” exercise session
Opt for a session to work on your figure (belly, buttocks, legs, chest), different types of dancing (Zumba, classical, jazz, hip hop, etc.), an introduction to self-defence techniques or maybe a HIIT session (High-Intensity Interval Training) to get the most out of your exertions. Or would you prefer a CrossFit session to test your limits, Pilates to work on your core strength and flexibility, or a kettlebell workout to really get those muscles burning? Choose your favourite class and get started with professional coaching.

Springbok Coaching appealed to us because they really sensed the dynamics of the workplace and came up with a realistic policy. We now have a health policy that is accessible, even for people who don’t enjoy sports.