• Company Scan

Company Scan

This analysis examines all aspects of a structured health and well-being policy. How is the organisation doing on each of these aspects? Each step consists of several blocks, with extensive questions. The results are displayed per step, block and question, so you can clearly see what is going well and where there is room for improvement.

To achieve this, key employees (approx. four) complete an extensive questionnaire, which is supplemented with an in-depth interview for qualitative analysis. This is followed by a tour of the company, after which a report is drawn up that is then discussed as a group, to arrive at clear priorities, goals and actions that are tailored to the needs and potential of the organisation.

Step 1: Attuning & connecting

  • Vision
  • Leadership structure
  • Cooperation
For example: The mission and vision of our organisation reflect the importance of health and well-being as one of our strategic priorities.

Step 2: Knowledge is power

  • Privacy and focus on goals
  • Scope and methods
For example: Information and data are collected to make health and well-being measurable in the long term. We have clear KPIs.

Step 3: Design & planning

  • Strategic programme planning
  • Scope
  • Holistically supporting human beings
  • The working environment
For example: There is a specified timeline (quarterly or annual plan).

Step 4: Promotion & maintenance

  • What we offer
  • Supportive culture
  • Communication
For example: In our organisation, there is a wide variety of accessible initiatives that improve health and well-being. Employees have ample choice – physically, emotionally, mentally, socially and spiritually.

Step 5: Evaluation & optimisation

  • Goals
  • Results & feedback loop
  • Scope & methods
For example: We regularly measure participation in health initiatives and the use of support services.

The Springbok Coaches know how to take people out of their traditional work context and lift them to the next level – with fantastic results! The physical screening of the participants is done professionally and with respect for each individual. We have been able to fire up and convince a significant number of employees to work towards a healthier and more active lifestyle. And we’ve received plenty of positive reactions.